The Plague of lazy Christianity

Sometimes I think this is what has caused the most problems..   People assume that we can be lazy as followers of the Father in Heaven.

"The bible was written for dumb people so since I'm dumb I don't have to study hard"

What a lie satan has given everyone.   1st of all..   we are insulting the heavenly father by saying he made us stupid.
2ndly, why would we be happy with that?  Do we truly love YHWH so little that we aren't willing to pour our all into learning what he wants for us?   Are we truly so lazy that we aren't willing to make learning his heart our lifes mission?  Are we truly so careless about our YHWH that we don't want to make sure that what we believe is the truth?

Don't buy into the lie that YHWH doesn't like study. 

Study to show theyself approved unto YHWH.  someone that needs not to be ashamed!
Be like the Beherans.  they didn't accept what Paul was saying until they had searched out the Torah to make sure what he had to say was the truth (hint hint.. if they were searching Torah to PROVE Paul's message they would never have accepted him if he was teaching ANTI Torah stuff). 

Don't be happy lukewarm!  Wake up and get on fire.. dig into the word and let it overcome you.   Let it overtake your life and become your passion.   We will stumble on the way and still meet hardships but do it knowing that YHWH is in control and his hands are in all things.   Don't be lazy folks.. work hard for YHWH.