Are you celebrating truth? Or tradition?

We are quickly coming to another holiday season.   Easter?  Or Passover?  Which will you choose.. and does it matter?

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Why we have decided to keep the conjunction moon instead of the sliver.

I realize this puts us at a huge minority but that's fine. :)   We've been leaning this way for several months and after more study we believe the conjunction moon to be correct.    We are of course still happy to have new moon gatherings on the day of the sighted moon, etc.. because we don't mind extra fellowship!  :)

1- We want to try to use the bible as our only source.   We already had a few questions about the sighted moon theory before, and a bit ago someone questioned us on things.  Asked us WHY do you really do the sighted moon.  We had no answer other than "everyone else does"  OPPS!  So that caused us to look a bit deeper.

Here are a few of the questions we already had.

1- if There was no modern technology, how would we all know when the moon was sighted in Israel?
2- How was the sighting of the moon kept during all the times when they were NOT in Israel, in egypt, etc?   It is our belief that calendar has NOT changed.  YHWH does NOT change.  Therefore, what he had from the beginning has always existed.     He knew we would scatter, he knew his people would be held as slaves in foreign countries, but he still set up a system that would allow them to keep track of time right?  Are we to believe that while they were in egypt and other places they just had no clue what day they were on?
3- The added things.   If you haven't sighted the moon in so many days, then you just SAY it's a new moon.  that is not in the scripture, it seems to be added rabbinical stuff to us.
4- How did King David know that it was a new moon the day BEFORE it was a new moon?     1Sa 20:5 And David said unto Jonathan, Behold, to morrow is the new moon, and I should not fail to sit with the king at meat: but let me go, that I may hide myself in the field unto the third day at even.
5- Why don't sukkot and passover begin on the full moon?  It just feels wrong.


We really have 3 options

1- Moon sighted in Israel
2- Sight the moon where we are
3- Go with the conjunction moon

Option 1 only works with working internet which makes me very leery because again.. the calendar hasn't changed but internet is new.  Option 2- would put all of us on different feast days.  Option 3- would work anywhere and put us all on the same dates, no matter where we were, with or without technology, etc..

So, we started looking at some of the arguments for the sighted moon
1- it says observe the new moon so people say it's something you should physically see.  However, it also says observe the sabbath and we can not physically see it.  We just know how to count it out.
2- The day no man knoweth being yom kippur.   I admit.. this is a compelling one.  However, like Jesse and I discussed.. are we basing our entire calendar on an idea that we have just assumed?  It  never SAYS it's that day.. I don't want to hang the dates we are keeping on an assumption.

Arguments for the conjunction moon.
1- David knew ahead of time when the new moon would be.
2- It would allow us all to keep the same dates no matter where we were in the world.  YHWH is not the author of confusion
3- We know YHWH is a god of math, of precision, of exactness.    If you go by the conjunction you begin the months count when the earth, sun, and moon are in perfect alignment.  That just makes sense to me!  Also, it doesn't leave room for human error.   The sighted moon leaves us humans in control of decided when the month starts (WE have to sight it, WE have to decide when it's been to long without the moon) instead of the Father.
4- It says the moon, the sun, and the stars are all for signs.  people who know more about stars have found the covenant actually written in the stars.  So amazingly awesome!   During the conjunction the entire story (or maybe the virgin?  it's been awhile since I heard that) makes it's journey across the sky.. at no other time does it do that.
5- It makes sense to me that the month would start when fully dark, and peak when it is fully light.  Passover and sukkot would be during the full moon.  It makes sense to me that our Messiah was born on the brightest night in the month, and died on the full moon as well.   being 2-3 days after that doesn't sit right with me.
6- The moon god's folks keep the cresent moon.. I'll admit.. this bugs me.
7- The crescent sun and moon came out of babylon pagan worship and it still used on things like catholic symboles.. again.. this bugs me.
8- The word new (as in new moon) means repair, renew, bring back.  When does the moon start to bring back/ come back around? At the conjunction.
9- The word NEW in that sense always means renew.. or at the beginning of bringing something back.. not 2-3 days INTo the cycle of it coming back.   Also, and this is very important to me.  there IS a hebrew word for crescent.  If that was what was meant instead of renew/ repair.. why was it not used?
10- David says to blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the time appointed.   The "time appointed" is a bad translation.  The word there is this.
keceh {keh'-seh}; apparently from 3680; properly, fulness or the full moon, i.e. its festival:--(time) appointed.
which means full moon.   We know the new moon isn't during the fully bright moon.  But we can all admit there are 2 times the moon is "full".. fully LIGHT or fully DARK.   It can only be two of those options.  So the translation here should read blow the shofar at the time new moon when it is full.   The only logical conclusion here is fully dark.

but let's check that..   The word keceh is from the hebrew root word
a primitive root; properly, to plump, i.e. fill up hollows; by implication, to cover (for clothing or secrecy):--clad self, close, clothe, conceal, cover (self), (flee to) hide, overwhelm. Compare 3780.

so the verse is speaking about a new moon that is fully COVERED or fully CONCEALED.
11-  I've heard it said that the Israelites weren't capable of knowing when the conjunction moon was since it is concealed for more than one day.    1st of all.. there is evidence that proves ancient cultures could do this, and 2- I'm pretty sure the father was capable of telling them how many days to count to know when it was.

So.. that's what we've dug up so far.

The only thing that seems to give evidence for the crescent moon is the history of the people after Babylon, and 2 men that have a lot of influence today.    I have a lot of respect for both Nehemiah Gorden and Michael rood.. but I worry very much that we have all based our ideas of the moon on two men, when some scriptures seem to point towards a concealed moon as the beginning of the month.   What would we have gotten from the above mentioned verses and Hebrew words if it wasn't for these 2 men?

Remember.  The word new means renew.. When does the moon start to renew?
The word appointed there means fully concealed
David knew when the new moon would be ahead of time.
YHWH is a god of perfection, he did not leave things like calculating time up to OUR eyes.. It falls according to HIS calendar in a perfect rhythm.

Also, I just ran across this article today which approaches it from a different viewpoint.  http://therefinersfire.org/new_moon_observations.htm