About Us

Hello! We are a husband and wife blogging team and our names are Jesse and Suzanne McDaniel.

We have 3 sweet kiddos who range in age from 7 down to 2.5 years old and they certainly keep us busy!

Up until about February of the year 2010 we were soundly in the very conservative church of christ camp.   We had both been in that church for the majority of our lives and even met there.  Sometime at the end of the year 2009 I (Suzanne) started looking at the Torah observant belief a bit harder fully in the attempt to prove it wrong.   It was so very different from what I had ever heard in church that I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that it could possibly be right.  In fact, I approached the study with the mindset that I was right, they were wrong.. and I was going to prove her wrong (all while feeling sorry for the family for being so confused.)   For a few months I DID prove her wrong in my mind.   However, the problem was that I was just taking a few verses, pulling them very far out of context and then marching on my way with my mind set that I had PROVED THEM WRONG!  All because I kept going back to the same verses in my head, never noticing the context, and to top it off.. I never actually spoke with the person whose blog I was reading LOL.

  After the start of the year 2010 I started to look at things a bit closer and noticed a few things pop up on her blog or facebook that I could identify as truth.  There were no scriptures I could twist to prove those things wrong and it surprised me.    A link to Jim Stayley's truth or tradition teaching was posted all about the modern "christian" holidays and how they are rooted in paganism.  This was a great introduction to him for us because we agreed!  We had never kept the holiday's so it was nice to watch something that we agreed with.  I loved how in depth he got with scriptures and history.   So, in Feb. 2010 when a link to his audio study Does God care what we eat? was posted I decided to listen just out of curiosity.   I was SHOCKED.  It wasn't some strange teaching, it was simply going down the list and using EVERY verse I had ever used to "prove" that eating clean was done away with and simply PUT IT IN CONTEXT.  Most times that's all he did.. read a few verses before, read a few verses after..  I was shocked.   It blew down all the walls..   Clean eating was never trashed!  What else have we inherited falsehoods about (not a specific we.. I mean all of modern christianity)   So, I called up my husband and asked him to listen to the study.   It took him several days but once he listened to it I got a phone call before he was even a 1/4 through the study LOL.  He had the same exact reaction I did.   That's when the floodgates opened.   We stopped listening to audio studies and such because they were just confusing us and got our Bible's out.   We needed that initial audio study though.     I explained it to a friend this way.  Say as you grew up you were raised to believe that the color green was pink.  You believed with your entire heart it was pink!   You would never ever look at "pink" and say that's green.    However, say someone came up to you and said "I'm sorry you've been mislead but that is not green".. it is pink and offered proof from hundreds of people.   That's the only way you could even get your mind to think green.. you would have never seen it on your own even though it was truth.    That's what we needed, that initial push to make us read our Bibles in a different mindset.

Once we did that it was AMAZING.  The entire Bible started to make sense!  Those "super hard to understand" books like Romans and Galatians started to fall into place!   The Bible started to become one fairly easy to understand cohesive picture..  Our salvation became clear.. we GOT it finally!   We never truly understood salvation and lived in fear that we "hadn't done enough" and those weights DROPPED during this.  We ARE saved!  We understood salvation better and couldn't get enough of his word.   We concentrated (and still are for a big part) in the new testament because that's where so many of the verses we had stuck in our mind were twisted into making Paul a liar and a hypocrite.  It's been amazing to read through the new testament time after time and see things fall into place!  Each time we read through another verse springs out at us. :)     I'll never forget my first few times reading through Acts after we saw the truth.    Every 30 seconds I would yell at my husband that I found ANOTHER instance where Paul kept a feast date LOL.    Things you just skim over when your heart isn't ready to see them.

Not long after that we decided the right path for us was to leave the building we had been attending and seek the truth.   Through pure workings of the holy spirit we came into contact with a group of like minded believers who meet only an hour from us so we drove to meet with them the next Shabbat.   And as the disciples instructed the gentiles in Acts 15, we've listened to the torah readings read every sabbath and continued to grow and learn.  

   So..   that's where we are today.  Devouring his word and loving every second of it. :)  Praise YHWH for his is GOOD!